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One of the main stumbling blocks we often experience when we are starting or growing our businesses is that we run into these weird fears. I have experienced plenty myself and I know my biz buddies and coaching clients all have their own demons to deal with. One of the fears that came up in our discussions in my free Freedom VA Facebook Group, was the fear of being visible online.

This in itself is probably NOT the underlying fear, but it’s a mere symptom. Today I want to look at this in more detail, highlight the damage it’s doing to your business and then help you to smash through it as soon as possible. I also have some surprises for you at the bottom of the article, so keep reading!

What’s up with the fear of being visible?

Fear. It’s this really annoying thing that comes up over and over again in our lives, in different situations, and spoils the fun. You were just feeling really good about your business when knock knock – here is the fear again! So as I said in the intro I don’t believe that “being visible” is the actual fear, there is MORE hiding underneath the surface and it’s now time to make it come out. Holding on to this fear of being visible and putting yourself out there, is going to do some bad damage to your business over time. The bottom line is, people cannot hire you for your services, if they don’t know who you are, what you do, and where to find you. It’s as simple as that. So how is your business going to make money, if no one knows what you do? It’s not.

So if you’re sick and tired of being stuck at this same level you’ve been at for a while, then this fear of putting yourself out there needs to get addressed. Now.

I have created a free challenge sheet for you which you can download below. More information at the bottom of the post.

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What’s stopping you from taking this cloak off?

Now, what is it that you are ACTUALLY afraid of? It’s not being visible, it’s highly likely the response you are worried about receiving when you are visible. So, what is it that comes to your mind? What emotional experiences are you afraid of? Here are some that I often hear from clients and in the community and they may resonate with you:

  • Fear of Failure? You are worried that you are not going to make it and that the whole world will know it and laugh about you?
  • Fear of being judged? You are worried your family/work colleagues are going to hear what it is that you do, and you’re worried about them judging you and you receiving some kind of negative experience as a result?
  • Imposter Syndrome? You feel like you don’t know enough at all, there are “others” out there who know more about this topic than you do, which renders you a total fraud and imposter? So you should just hide?
  • You are not worth it? If you tell people what it is that you do, they may even want to hire you and they may want to PAY you – and you’re not worth it, so you better not catch anyone’s attention, right?
  • I’m an introvert I’m not good at talking to people, so I just don’t.

Do any of these weird thoughts above resonate with you? I know a couple of those resonate with me, so rest assured it’s normal! However, just because something is common and happens to a lot of people, it doesn’t me we need to accept it.

What’s the reality?

Let’s look at this from a not fear-based perspective. What happens if you make yourself visible online (eg. on Facebook, by posting and interacting in groups, making relationships and giving advice)?

  • people will get to know you and what you do
  • people will understand you
  • people will like you
  • people will want to check out your website
  • people will want to hire you
  • your business will make money

and so much more.

Now, what about the people that don’t like you? They don’t like your picture or the way you speak or whatever. You know what they usually do? Ignore you. Most people cannot be bothered to care about people they do not have a connection with. The same goes for going live on Facebook, recording videos or anything else you are scared of doing to get yourself out there.

So if you add this all up and see the benefits over the faint possibility of a negative experience coming your way, you will actually see that what you’re telling yourself 90% of the time is non-sense. 

How do you break through this?

Unfortunately nothing is going to help you to break through this apart from taking ACTION. You can prepare yourself in a million ways possible, for example by trying to clear your blocks, meditating or journalling, but nothing is going to reinforce the message above more than you actually just getting over it and DOING it and NOT experiencing a negative outcome as a result of your action. Suddenly it’s all fine and you will wonder why this was ever an issue for you.

However, be careful now, just doing things ONCE is often not enough to overcome a strong fear. You need to commit to regularly breaking through those boundaries. So, why not create a 30-day challenge either for yourself, or together with some biz buddies (you can always ask in the group) to help yourself break through that fear every day for 30 days. Consistency is what brings you results.

And remember: Go easy on yourself. If you can’t even face to post in a FB group at this point, then don’t force yourself to do a live video. Just start by taking small steps every day for 30 days and you can always get more advanced as you progress and you feel your fear dropping off you. Always remember not everyone has to like you, if they don’t they will likely just ignore you – and that’s ok.

Additional Resources

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